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Barbecued Duck Breast & Rustic Ratatouille


2 Duck Breasts

2 Peeled Red Onions

1 Large Aubergine

2 Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers (deseeded and quartered

2 Courgettes (Chopped roughly)

2 Cloves of Garlic

400g Cherry Tomatoes

Bunch of basil


Put the BBQ on high heat.

To start cut the onions into quarters, roughly chop the aubergine and other vegetables keeping them uniform in size so they cook evenly. 

Place in a baking tray in the BBQ to heat. Adding olive oil when hot. 

Add the onions to the baking tray, following with aubergine. 

Stir the vegetables then add the courgette and peppers, following shortly after with the tomatoes and a sprinkle of chilli (optional).

Season well with salt and pepper, then close the lid of the BBQ. 

Place the duck breasts on the board, ensure the skin is dry. 

Lightly score the fat of the duck breast in a cross hatch pattern, try not to cut all the way through to the meat. 

Turn the duck breast over and season with salt and pepper. 

Check on the ratatouille and give a shake and stir. 

Place the duck breast on the grill plate, skin side down. 

Don't turn it, just leave to sear until the fat is crispy. It wont take long and you will start to see the fat turn a golden caramel colour. 

Turn over and leave on the solid top of the grill or the warming rack to rest and cook through, it will take approximately 5-6 minutes. 

After 20 minutes when the ratatouille has started to soften add the basil and serve with your perfectly cooked duck breast. 

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