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Lavender Potatoes


500g New Potatoes halved

2 Cloves of Garlic

200mls of Olive Oil

2 tbsp fresh young lavender

Salt and Pepper


Turn your BBQ on full heat.

Boil your new potatoes with a sprig of mint on the side burner of your Norfolk Grills BBQ. 

When nearly cooked through, chop the garlic and young lavender.

Create a tin foil parcel using a few sheets of foil on top of each other. 

Drain the potatoes and add to the foil parcel.

Sprinkle in garlic and chopped lavendar.

Generously cover in salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Place on the centre of your BBQ and leave to roast.

This is the perfect time to start prepping your main dish alongside, whether that's a delicious rib-eye steak, chicken or fish.

Shut the lid and let roast in the foil for about 20 minutes. 

Take off the grill and open the little foil parcel (Be careful it may be hot)


Smell the perfect combination of lavender and garlic potatoes. 

Pour out the tinfoil packet to serve, or you can even serve on the table in the parcel for your guests to dig in. 


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